Dier frends! Dier gests of mundiale 2018! Wellcome that Rasha! (I almost broke my tongue). We welcome  guests and participants of the competition in the hero city of Moscow! Come to this great holiday of sport, youth and peace! Dear guests! Do not believe newspapers and TV! They bull … lie! Believe your eyes and ears! Do not believe politicians! For them, football is not a game, it’s politics! And politics is a game! =) Believe in your fiery heart and your friends, whom you will no doubt find on this beautiful sporting event!
I want to note with pleasure that the 2018 World Cup was made possible primarily thanks to the joint efforts of sports organizations, business circles and the public of Russia, FIFA and the world community! This is a good sign, comrades! We support the development of meaningful contacts between the representatives of the countries in other spheres too! Sport is a peace ambassador of the world! From friendship in sport to peace on earth! Hooray! Amen! Good luck!
Stas Zalesov-Nakashidze
Model&POSOLMIRA Kostya Moskva
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